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Home and Building Inspections

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) offer amazing technology advancements that make the jobs of home inspectors, insurance investigators and commercial building inspectors easier, faster and safer. UAS’s provide high quality pictures and video for roofs, building facades, joist or areas that you just do not want to climb, it is easier and safer than before. UAS’s are highly useful in commercial and home inspection situations, because they can easily fly up to a roof, bridge sub construct and other areas that are hard to get to and take videos or capture high-resolution images. Using a UAS saves time and labor, as our inspectors can simply send the UAS up to the area and gauge the area of interest quickly and efficiently.


UAS’s promote safety during home and commercial building inspections, as the inspector no longer has to risk climbing onto a roof or otherwise putting himself or herself in potentially dangerous situations. UAS’s allow inspectors to keep their feet firmly on the ground while they perform inspections, take photographs and/or videos of where the damage is and what areas require extra attention.

High-Quality Information

UAS’s provide high-quality information. UAS’s are capable of getting close to their subjects, and therefore, provide the detailed information inspectors need to make on-point statements and diagnose issues quickly.

Unmanned Aerial Systems will:

  • Reduce costs – our UAS’s can provide you with the answers much faster than traditional inspections
  • Saves time – large areas can be inspected up to 30 times quicker than conventional methods
  • Improves safety
  • Improves decision-making – you are able to have quick access to imagery, allowing reports to be completed faster and decisions to be made sooner


SkyCamPA comes equipped with a team of licensed pilots with advanced UAS inspection experience to offer safe, informed, and efficient services. Here is sample of inspection services we provide:

  • Engineering Investigations/Cause & Origin
  • Roofing Investigations
  • Structural Investigations
  • Component Testing
  • Water Damage


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